Thursday, 19 January 2017

High protein and good fertility - VJ Role

VJ Rodme x DJ Zuma x DJ Jason

First Rodme son offers protein, fertility, health and excellent udders.
VJ Role is from the Birkelygaard herd in Denmark. Same breeder and herd has also bred VJ Lesten, VJ Lago and VJ Libero.

The dam of VJ Role has an average yearly production of 8700 kg milk with 5.20% fat and 3.90% protein, in two years. 

VJ Rodme has been VikingJersey top bull for the last two years, and now the first sons are ready to take over. VJ Rodme is a VJ Hubert (DJ Hulk son) out of a DJ May daughter.

VJ Role breeds high volume of milk and protein, good fertility and exceptional udder health.

Daughters of VJ Role are expected to be tall with good frame, and udders are expected to be extremely shallow and well-attached with strong ligament. Teat size and placement will also be ideal. 

VJ Role (VJ Rodme x DJ Zuma x DJ Jason)

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