Wednesday, 28 October 2015

How we find the best bull calves

Each year VikingGenetics sends out approximately 1,500 contracts for breeding/pregnancies and the goal is to test 500 bull calves annually. Among these we select the 50 genetically best for the breeding work.

A new analysis with the goal to optimize selection and purchase of bulls shows that 52 bulls born in 2014 have an average NTM +19 and production index 114. A level that will increase even more when the number of AI bulls in near future will be reduced from 50 to 40.

Finding alternative pedigrees to ensure the variation in genetics and maintaining the genetic develop-ment has strong focus in VikingGenetics: 

52 purchased Jersey bulls born in 2014 have;
26 different sires corresponding to two sons per sire in average
o Including the two foreign bulls and 24 Viking bulls 
24 different maternal grandsires

Tabel 1 shows the six sires with the most sons in VikingJersey. Before we distribute semen, the groups will be selected and the number of VJ Lure sons will definitely be reduced.

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