Thursday, 17 September 2015

Daughter proven type specialist - VJ Hubert

(VJ Hulk x Q Hirse x JAS Hot)
NTM +19

VJ Hubert is out of “Adelgaard Hirse Cheryl”, in the Adelgaard herd by Vagn Lindy Petersen, Denmark. The maternal family is known for high production and components. Adelgaard Cheryl ended four lactations with an average of 6.42% fat and 4.21% protein.  

The sire line up in VJ Hubert’s pedigree is outstanding – Hulk, Hirse, Hot, Lemvig – all top sires used world wide. The gene distribution is 77% Danish genes, 13% US and 10% NZ.

VJ Hubert breeds stature, type, excellent shallow as well as excellent udder health and longevity, and he is an excellent choice for daughters of DJ Zuma and where stature, type, and mammary need improvement.

VJ Hubert has 246 daughters in milk recording of which 136 are scored, and he was used as sire of sons as a young genomic bull, resulting in VJ Rodme.   

Triple aAa: 243615         Cappa Casein: BB         Beta Casein: A2/A2         JH1 Free      

VJ Hubert

Tastum Nygaard Hubert Christine - 1st calf cow by VJ Hubert from the Sogaard family in Denmark.

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