Friday, 24 April 2015

Joenkershoek Farm, George, South Africa

1300 Jersey cows
Pasture management
Seasonal milking

Manager Kassie Kasselman is in charge of the two dairies at Joenkershoek Farm near George in the southern part of South Africa. The goal is to produce as much milk on pasture as possible with a suplement of concentrates, but they also buy in lucerne and maize silage and make their own grass silage to feed during the winter months. The cows are runned in three groups of about 450. "We are making use of a lot of VikingJersey sires. Q impuls was the first sire we used really intensively and after him Q Zik, DJ Zuma, VJ Lure and at this stage VJ Husky" Kassie tells. "We are using VikingJersey because of the high solids. Our milk is sold for an industrial dairy mostly for cheese and other high solid content products. What I also like about VikingJersey is that you have been selection or better health, mastitis and fertility for many years. We find that the fertility is really good on the Viking cows. They are getting pregnant easily and calve at about an average of about 380 days inter calve period. Cows by VikingJersey sires are easy to manage - we just supply them with feed and then they take care of themselves" Kassel tells .

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