Monday, 30 March 2015

Historically high increase in yield

During the latest milk recording year the yield of Danish Jersey cows has increased by 41 kg fat + protein – this is a historically high increase. During the latest years we have reached more “milestones”: More than 7,000 kg milk and more than 400 kg fat on average. Within the latest months we will also exceed 300 kg protein. The highest yielding herd was I/S Gelsted with 180 cows milking 8,867 kg milk, 513 kg fat and 371 kg protein on average. Amazing!

Apparently there is potential for much more in the Danish Jersey cows. 28 herds already have more than 8,000 kg milk on average, five herds have more than 500 kg fat and six herds have more than 350 kg protein.

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