Tuesday, 13 January 2015

World congress with focus on VikingGenetics

VikingGenetics has the world’s most successful, genomic jersey breeding program. That was the conclusion after the world congress in South Africa in September 2014. The VikingGenetics Jersey program shows that the genomic sires keep their breeding values when they have milking daughters to a far higher extend than sires in other countries’ Jersey programs.

During the congress with 160 participants – including 42 from Denmark – we saw many groups of daughters by current bulls in South Africa. DJ Zuma currently ranking as best sire in South Africa impressed the international audience. In one her they showed 24 Zuma daughters in one group – fitted as if going to a show – very beautiful. VikingGenetics was the main sponsor of the congress and thus had the opportunity to market our sires and breeding scheme during the herd visits and at the meetings.

DJ Zuma daughters at Trinie Durr's farm
 In connection with the congress was the fourth Jersey Cheese Championship. Only participant from the Nordic countries was the gouda cheese “Thise Kings Jersey” winning the gold medal and the “Best use of the Jersey Brand” prize. Congratulations to the Danish dairy.

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