Friday, 5 December 2014

VJ Hian

(VJ Hickey x DJ Zuma X DJ May)JH1 Free
gNTM +22

Excellent udders from the first VJ Hickey son
VJ Hian is bred by Brian Skovgaard, Bording in Denmark, in the Ronholm herd from where also VJ Husky comes. But the two sires origin from different cow families in the herd. VJ Hian is out of Ronholm Zuma Fifi. A nice young cow, scored VG87, ending her first 305 day lactation with 407 kg of fat (6.66%) and 285 kg of protein (4.66%). Fifi has just had her second calf – a bull calf that is genomically tested for VikingGenetics.

VJ Hian is the first VJ Hickey son to be marketed. VJ Hickey (Q Hirse x FYN Lemvig), died at an early age and he was never exported. A number of sons are sampled, as his NTM is high.

VJ Hian breeds super udders, fertility, high protein percentage, udder health, temperament and longevity.

VJ Hian is an excellent choice for daughters of VJ Lure, DJ Hulk og VJ Himp.

Dam of VJ Hian


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