Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Type, mammary and outcross - VJ Hihl

(VJ Husky x DJ Zuma x JAS Bungy)
Cappa Casein: BB - Beta Casein: A2/A2 -
JH1 Free
gNTM +25

VJ Hihl is out of "Bruunsgaard Zuma Sangko" by Henrik Brunsgaard Fihl. The maternal family is known for high percentages, all higher than 6.25% fat and 4.25% protein. Sangko has just ended second lactation, averaging 7,500 kg milk, with 6.51% fat and 4.37% protein.

VJ Hihl breeds like his father excellent stature, type, udders and teat size but VJ Hihl udders are even more shallow and with strong ligament. Good udder health and the high components are also some of his trademarks.

VJ Hihl is an excellent choice for daughters where stature, type and mammary needs improvement.

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